المنتصر للمحاماة

From our awareness of the extent of His Highness and promoted the legal profession
our belief in the effective role practiced that profession in defending the rights owners wasted and stolen from the holiest right is the right to life and ending with the individual's right to protect his ideas and what is known as intellectual property, And pursuit of us in rooting active role played by the profession to help eliminate the accomplishment of its mission Holy award substrates scales of justice in society


As Defined by all others of the ability to provide real help from legal advice to all disciplines legal Being أصاحب leadership in the legal profession and international investments, and all this because we realized the most important aspirations of the any owner and dark is justice prompt time is the most important factor in making the right obtainedis feasible, Fbtye Justice injustice and right if belated no longer has the same real value, which was aspire owner of this right when it began its first steps in the journey requiring this right, so we had us on ourselves to do our best to require this right from the shortest way


Initially honored your dealings with us and choosing us companion on your journey to require your right and in order to start this step, all you just have to do to move to page Services to determine the most important services as possible can get them from us is checked so how can you make the best use of your dealings with usthen move on to the Contact Us page on this page you will find a copy of the show to deal with us as well as our protocol that ends up data (called our office and phone numbers and our website, as well as e-mail) and you only need to choose one of the waysContact right for you, contact us and make sure you thus choose the correct starting to require your right and reply to you again


We Office ALMONTASER of the Law Firm Office comprehensive for all disciplines of legal and His leadership in the field of legal practice and international investments and we Comrade real for all entities industrial, commercial and tourism, agricultural and real estate offer its integrated service of legal advice, marketing and investment. The office includes a distinguished group of gentlemen professors, lawyers enrolled before the courts of first instance and appellate and cassation and advisers are known for their high efficiency and diversified experience in all branches of law.



In many countries of the Anglo-Saxon law, it is intended that members of the public prosecution and workers as part of the judicial authority, it may not necessarily be the concept of lawyers here in the sense criminal defense lawyer who specializes in defending accused with any crimes. And is the opposite of what his practice jurisprudence in Arab countries